Help for refugees and those in need


let's help together 



As a food bank, it is our mission to help people in need. The situation in Ukraine has forced many people to leave their home country. With only the bare necessities in their luggage, they seek shelter with us and depend on our help. At the moment we are being flooded with requests for assistance, but unfortunately our resources are limited. We do not have enough food to provide for all those in need. 

We need your help! By donating food, you make it possible for more people to be fed. Every Thursday afternoon, food is distributed at the Evangelical Church at Birsstegweg 5, 4127 Birsfelden. You can drop off your food donation between 13:00 - 16:00, which will then be sorted and distributed directly. If you don't have the possibility to come by physically and still want to help, you can support us with a financial donation.

What is needed most urgently?
- Grains and pulses (pasta, rice, flour, couscous, beans, lentils, etc.)
- Canned foods (tomato sauce, canned pulses and vegetables, etc.)
- Nuts, dried fruit
- Oil
- Eggs

Feel free to support with what you have, we are grateful for every helping hand!